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  • TIL: Cool nerds on the Internet who made Year Progress. who made chess on EVM.

  • Solution: Including product tags in FacetWP x WooCommerce search results

    Problem A shop using WooCommerce & FacetWP search. I want to search keyword (example) sunset. But only products with sunset word in product title showing in the results. I want the products with tag sunset also displaying in the results. Solution Use plugin: Relevanssi Search Relevanssi FacetWP add-on Setup Relevanssi Navigate Admin > Settings >…

  • Database grow

    After 1 year 2 months running, my website is growing fast. I’ve done a WP-CLI search-replace command today and got this result: That is an impressive number for me. So I write it here to make a milestone.

  • How to remove .w3-cache malware from WordPress website

    My website has been infected by a malware that spamming my traffic. This is what was happened to my website: Traffic from France with Agent named contains Bandwidth is up to 1.7 GB a day Some weird folders have been appeared automatically like: wp-content/uploads/.w3-cache Malware code has been added to wp-config.php, wp-content/themes/current-themes/index.php Actions Follow…

  • SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such table: cache

    If you got this error while setting up Laravel application. Try to remove the line cache_driver=database in your .env file. Or create cache table for your application.

  • Setup letsencrypt with Laradock

    in docker-compose.yml set $CN and $EMAIL with your data: in docker-compose.yml add the volumes used in certbot: Make sure port 443 is disabled in your laradock/nginx/sites/xxx.conf stop nginx container docker-compose stop nginx rebuild nginx container with –no-cache option docker-compose build –no-cache nginx build certbot container docker-compose build –no-cache certbot start nginx container docker-compose up -d…

  • TIL 1: Laradock, mantra, PA

    Mantra is the first thing that I need to do in the morning. Focus on what makes you happy at this moment. 4 hours of deep working session. It took 567 seconds to get Laradock running for the first time. It took 35 minutes to get PA up and running on a new development machine.…

  • Use yarn with docker

    Use yarn up instead of docker-compose up -d Use yarn down instead of docker-compose down Use yarn bash instead of docker-compose exec workspace bash

  • WP Local Docker install error

    Problem Resolve Use node version 14.17 instead of 16.x

  • Problem with Inspector, CakeFruit Cors on RunCloud

    If you get problem with the CakeFruit Cors and Inspector on a RunCloud instance. Make sure that your app settings enable proc_open, proc_close, proc_nice, proc_terminate functions.